Tax Relief Inc.

I was faced with a six figure tax liability that could not settle based on my current income. I had lost a business year ago, got back on my feet and now faced the dreaded Internal Revenue Service. After speaking with Tim Foley I could tell he knew what he was doing. When dealing with the Internal Revenue Service the cost is not nearly as important as the result. Similar to brain surgery, I needed the best surgeon possible!

He was able to negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service and get a payment I could handle comfortably without me providing information to the Internal Revenue Service. The payment would have been much higher had I not retained Mr. Foley. I highly recommend Tim for you tax problems. Thank you Tim, I’m sleeping much better now.

- David F. / Missouri

My wife and I had a major problem. We owed the Internal Revenue Service more than $100,000 which we were unable to pay.

We received mail from several companies, including Tax Relief Inc., offering their services to help us with this matter. After we researched each one we chose Tax Relief Inc. because of the positive comments and favorable rating from the Better Business Bureau.

You met with us and explained in detail what the process would be in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. Everything happened just as you said.

Because of all the work and time you put in representing us in this matter our tax debt was reduced by 80%. We “HIGHLY” recommend and encourage anyone who has to deal with the Internal Revenue Service to go to Tax Relief Inc.

“THANK YOU” for everything you did to assist in resolving our problem.

- Paul H. / Connecticut

I just wanted to thank you so much for the services you provided for me. You took all the stress and fear of tax debt away and assured me the success of our case. I felt very confident in this working relationship. This was crucial – especially since I was going through a bankruptcy, losing my house and dissolving my business. I really appreciate the consistent hard work and tenacity in this case!

I am forever grateful for you reducing my debt to an Offer in Compromise ($78,000 savings!) Thank you so much!!!

God bless you and the firm!!

- Natalie C. / Missouri

I am writing to thank you for your efforts in resolving my Internal Revenue Service/tax issues this last year.

The fact that you reduced almost $50,000 in tax and penalties to a small $1200 is amazing. And you’re the ability to get it done in a timely manner at a minimum of expense was extraordinary!!

I would highly recommend your service to anyone in a similar circumstance.

- David F. / Missouri

irst off, I would like to sincerely thank you for the “Spectacular” results that you accomplished for me. You reduced my debt to the Internal Revenue Service by more than 75%. And as you know I am not a good financial position due to my own irresponsibility and this helps me a great deal. Thanks again.

- James H. / Wisconsin

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