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At Tax Relief, Inc., we interact with the IRS on a daily basis; it’s what we do. As a result, we are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of resolving tax liabilities. Our expertise ensures that every possible recourse provided to taxpayers under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights will be available to help protect your hard-earned assets.

Our vast experience resolving Federal and State tax matters ensures that you achieve the best possible outcome in the most timely manner. We’ll never leave you in the dark, either. We will continue to advise and guide you until your tax problem is completely resolved, keeping you informed on your situation through the entire process.
Tax Relief Inc, Westchester, Illinois

A Comprehensive List of Tax Relief Services

No matter what course of action your circumstances dictate, we have the experience and expertise to execute it with the highest degree of efficiency. Whether pursuing a penalty abatement, innocent or injured spouse relief, an IRS offer in compromise, is in your best interests, our representation ensures the best possible outcome. At your free, no-obligation consultation, we will design a unique tax relief plan, tailored to meet your specific needs. We will protect every available dollar in your recovery plan and ensure your taxpayer rights are upheld throughout the entire recovery process.

Facing an IRS or State Tax Lien, or Garnishment?

Tax Relief, Inc., can often reach a successful resolution, negotiating a settlement with the IRS. Qualified taxpayers may be eligible for an IRS offer in compromise, or a penalty abatement, settling the debt at a fraction of the original amount.
Don't mess with the IRS, or State Dept's of Revenue
If you've received a notice of tax audit, need to file back taxes, or face an IRS tax lein, don't wait. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Injured and Innocent Spouse Relief

Tax Relief, Inc., specializes in providing innovative solutions to fraud victims. If you’ve been victimized by embezzlement, investment fraud, churning, ponzi schemes, unauthorized transactions, or other fraudulent practices, our partners can help you recover lost assets and protect you from incurring further losses.

A Comprehensive List of Tax Relief Services

Innocent spouse relief can absolve you for tax liabilities incurred, through no fault of your own, by a current or former spouse. In cases where a joint return was filed and a portion of one spouse’s refund was applied towards another spouse’s liability, injured spouse relief can help you recover those assets.

Back Taxes Need Filing?

Filing back taxes can be a difficult process, often incurring costly penalties. We will work with you and/or your accountant to compile and file your delinquent returns, guarantees your taxpayer rights will be protected to the fullest. If you’ve recently received an IRS Notice of Tax Audit, The partners at Tax Relief, Inc., can also provide outstanding audit representation.

IRS Tax Lien Resolutions

An IRS tax lien can have a devastating, long-term financial impact on you and your family. Once imposed, a tax lien not only limits credit availability, but also attaches to all current and future assets, including all rights to business property, and associated accounts receivable. Once more, filing for bankruptcy does not always wipe out your tax debt or liens.

There are, however, a number of ways in which to resolve an IRS-imposed tax lien. Full payment of your tax liability will result in the release of your lien within sixty days. A Discharge of Property allows your property to be sold free of the lien, and a Subordination may make it easier to get a loan or mortgage. Withdrawal removes the public notice and assures that the IRS is not competing with other creditors for your property.


Filing Your Own Appeal—a Risky Proposition

The appeal process is very lengthy, often taking weeks and/or months to complete, and can be extremely difficult to navigate for those without the proper experience. A single mistake in a long series of required steps will invariably, result in the denial of your tax appeal.